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New Voice-Over Projects Part 2!

2013-04-03 16:17:00 by SheilaMGagne

Hey, everypony! I know it looks like I've been away, but I actually check my Newgrounds account almost everyday. I've got a lot going on, so I thought it would be fun to fill you guys in. You can also keep up with by liking my like page on Facebook!

For anyone attending Anime Central in May, I'll be co-hosting a voice acting panel called 'Voice Acting Industry: How to get in!' and will be attending all the other voice acting panels as well. It's on Friday at 12:30PM p by on the 1st floor of the dome area. Stop by and say hi!

As for projects, I am currently voicing Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon S DiC Fandub. I'm doing it purely for fun because I <3 the series so much and am really, really, REALLY excited for the new anime coming out this year! #SailorMoon2013

I have also finished recordings for a video game to raise money for charity called Conspirocracy. I play the ex-wife, plus a secretary. I am also playing a cute little kid named Lluvia in a series of weather based animated shorts called Tormenta. I also got to do another international voice acting project. I play the main character, a bat named Felix, in an animated short for a college student in England. The art looks so amazing (and the artist is a nice guy as well).

I am also voicing Miki Sayaka from Madoka Magica in a full series one-shot- it's a speed abridge comedy! Lots of swearing (bleeped, of course) and falsetto! Hehe!

Lastly, I am now involved with this Crystal Dream Productions! The website is still under construction, but you can take a look anyway. :)

"Crystal Dream productions is a new, up-coming, and promising Animation and production company. At the moment we are small and working towards getting off the ground. We have gotten help and advice from professionals like Chris Sabat, Vic Mignogna, and Crispin on what we can do to improve and expand on our company. Currently, we will only be able to do fandubbing and such till we can afford to buy rights. At that point we may even be able to pay our actors and staff. Right now we are a company ran by close friends and family."

I am very excited to see what will happen with Crystal Dream Productions. I already did a cold reading as Lightning for a Final Fantasy XIII fandub and all the actors will have a group recording session this weekend over Skype!

Well, that's about it. Until next time.

New Voice-Over Projects Part 2!


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