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My Little Portal: Meet The Voice Actors

2013-07-28 01:48:38 by SheilaMGagne

Lots of exciting things going on!

ChristiansCartoons released a video about the voice actors for the My Little Portal web-series and guess who goes first? Eyup, I'm the 1st one up, so please watch and enjoy. ^_^ Be sure to check out the other voice actors involved. And please like and share this video so that anyone who might like it and the series can know about it.

Also, I've gotten so many new subscribers from the video, which is great because I'll be uploading the videos from the voice acting panel I co-hosted at Anime Midwest earlier this month. I even made a playlist so anyone interested can see the different projects I've voiced in. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be involved with such an amazing group of people.

In other pony related voice-over news, I will be providing the AVO (announcer voice-over) for an animated promo that will be featured at BronyCon next week. It's for FOB Equestria, an organization of soldiers and other military folk who are also bronies. It's very fun and cute and I can't wait for it to be uploaded to YouTube. In addition to the AVO, I will be voicing Fluttershy as a cameo for the video (yay). The video is being animated by my good friend ZeBalas91.

In non-pony related news, I will be voicing in a number of animated projects but I can't say much about them yet. Once I am allowed to say a little more you can be sure I'll post about it on my Facebook Like Page and Twitter.

Until next time!

My Little Portal: Meet The Voice Actors


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2013-07-28 02:33:44

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